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The art of pottery has been practised in Soufflenheim since the Bronze Age (1000 BC). This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

This ancestral art has contributed to the development and influence of the Alsatian culinary tradition, with dishes that have made its reputation: Baeckeoffe, Choucroute, Kougelhopf, Escargots or Tartes Flambées Alsaciennes.

The pottery is made from Soufflenheim clay, also known as "terre glaise", which has recognised culinary and refractory qualities. 

It is taken from the Haguenau forest which borders Soufflenheim.

This exceptional clay is difficult to extract, it requires a lot of effort and represents a certain cost. 

This is why most of the Soufflenheim potters gave it up and replaced it with a pre-conditioned material, mainly imported, which is easier and less expensive to work.

But the refractory (naturally occurring alumina) and culinary quality of Soufflenheim clay is unique and we offer many Soufflenheim potteries using this clay.

It can be recognised by its yellowish tint after firing and its slight irregularities on the surface. 

The unglazed parts (the inside of the pottery) can be rough.

The clay is fired at more than 1000° and shaped with love according to a very precise manual know-how guaranteeing a Pottery of the best quality.

Our ancestors have tamed this material, we perpetuate their tradition !

Worked with clay in the Atelier de Soufflenheim , the Potteries are handcrafted and painted. With their new Raspberry Red, Heart Taupe and Sky Gray Heart Frieze colors, Baeckeoffe Terrines , Kougelhopf Mussels and other dishes from the Collection will delight everyone.