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Alsatian cookbooks are culinary books that present the specialities of Alsatian cuisine. This cuisine is rich and varied, influenced by the French and German cultures as well as by the local products of the region.

The books contain traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, as well as modern and creative variations on these recipes. They include meat dishes (such as sauerkraut, Strasbourg sausage and baeckeoffe), fish dishes (such as matelote and trout au bleu), vegetarian dishes (such as gratin de blettes and spaetzle aux champignons), desserts (such as tarte flambée, kouglof and the famous pain d'épices) and drinks (such as beer, Alsatian wine and fruit brandy). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

They are illustrated with enticing photos, which showcase Alsatian dishes in all their splendour.

The ingredients are carefully presented, the preparation steps are detailed and cooking tips are given to make Alsatian dishes like a real chef and are very much appreciated by gastronomy lovers, budding cooks and Alsatian culture enthusiasts.

They are also very useful for discovering the particularities of Alsatian cuisine, for preparing a typical Alsatian meal, or as a gift for gourmet friends and family.