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Georges Ratkoff was a French artist born in 1892 and died in 1973. He is best known for his postcards which were widely distributed in France and abroad.

The illustrations: Georges Ratkoff's postcards are characterised by their unique and original illustrations. Ratkoff was known for his drawings of landscapes, monuments and scenes of everyday life.

Colours: Ratkoff's postcards were often colourful and vivid, using bold hues to attract the attention of the recipients.

Themes: Ratkoff's postcards covered a variety of themes, ranging from French cities and landscapes to scenes of daily life and historical and cultural events.

Inscriptions: Ratkoff's postcards were often accompanied by inscriptions, such as captions, greetings or poems. The inscriptions were usually handwritten and added a personal touch to the postcard.

Today, Georges Ratkoff's postcards are considered rare and valuable collector's items. Their unique illustrations and artistic quality make them a choice item for art collectors or old postcard enthusiasts.