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In addition to our range of products from Alsace, find the full range of products sold at the shop La Boite aux Trésors in Obernai in Natural Cosmetics of the brand Narjis, the brand of Trésors d'Argan specialized in Face and Body Care with Argan Oil, but also Hair Care, Beauty Accessories, Resin and Incense, Scents, Essential Oils...

This creation is based on a permanent search for raw materials that are often rare and far away and that find their legitimacy in the very places where they have been used by women for generations.

Exoticism must not take precedence over the need for effectiveness, so we work on the development and assembly of these materials in order to offer you truly active and competitive products.

Our care and beauty products are kept in a stock that can be changed on demand, in order to keep a very short lead time between manufacture and sale to individuals and professionals.

The flexibility of our suppliers will cope with any orders above the standard quantities, and we will always do our utmost to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible.

In addition to our ability to produce innovative products, we implement a systematic strategy of creating new products.

Nature and Beauty of the skin Innovation in Natural Cosmetics Narjis Narjis Natural Argan Oil Scrubs

Our Mission

The satisfaction of our customers since the creation of Trésors d'Argan, remains the best proof of the reliability and professionalism of our company. A permanent effort is devoted to development, research, equipment, all this with the sole aim of always serving you better to offer you the best products or novelties.

Rituals & Origins

Natural products


Rituals & Origins on Narjis Natural Cosmetics Natural products in Narjis Natural Cosmetics Creativity in Narjis Natural Cosmetics

Whatever the rituals and their origins, it is in the Spa treatments, a global and multi-sensory approach to well-being, that these properties are revealed and enhanced.

We develop effective products using almost exclusively natural raw materials that do not carry any risk or harmful side effects for users and the environment.

The properties of these raw materials, which are sometimes ignored or forgotten, have always been known to women all over the world who use them and pass on their benefits, from mother to daughter, according to ancestral traditions.

All our products are made with at least 95% and up to 100% Natural Products.

Our products are free of phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils and are not tested on animals.

We only use natural preservatives and do not contain parabens.


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