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The Soufflenheim Kougelhopf mould is a traditional clay mould used for the preparation of Kougelhopf, a typical Alsatian pastry.

It is handmade in Soufflenheim, a town in the Bas-Rhin region of Alsace, renowned for its artisanal pottery. The clay used to make the mould is a high quality local clay, extracted from the surroundings of the town.

One of the oldest potteries in the village, this is a traditional and authentic production where the potter has not changed a thing in the way he worked, either his father or his grandfather. 

Sizing is done in the purely traditional way: plaster moulds are placed on an eccentric-axis wheel to produce the shape of the ellipse (oval, round). 

He was the last potter to use this method.

The mould is specially designed for the preparation of Kougelhopf, a leavened pastry made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, yeast and almonds or sultanas. The latter gives the cake its characteristic crown shape, with a central cavity that facilitates baking.

The Soufflenheim Kougelhopf mould is a highly prized collector's item, but it is also very practical for everyday cooking. It can be used for other cakes and desserts, or even for baking savoury dishes.


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