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Chestnut honey from France in Obernai

Chestnut honey from France

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We taste it… and you jump in memory of the chestnut bugs which burst under the sole, a veil of fog, a hint of heather, and a great ray of sunshine in the clearing , where the hives are arranged .

Capacity: 250 gr
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The Chestnut Honey from Châtenois is Protected Geographical Indication, the sweet flavors of the great forests of French chestnut trees.

The Robe is dark brown in color with a strong and complex scent. A sweet and acidic perception with strong aromas, it is astringent and gives a frank bitterness in the back of the mouth.

Dark in color, an exploding scent, a flavor where sweetness competes with bitterness, it is sought after by honey lovers.

Our honeys are labeled I.G.P Alsace (Protected geographical indication). It is a European sign of origin and quality. Our products therefore benefit from the Miel d'Alsace appellation.

Coming directly from the Beekeeper in Châtenois (Bas Rhin) and member of the Regional Confederation of Beekeepers of Alsace.

The Honey of Alsace have a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) guaranteeing the origin of production and their specificity. The IGP specifications establish the production rules and are regularly checked by a certification body. Only Honeys produced in Alsace according to the specifications defined, can benefit from the name "Miels d'Alsace".

Capacity: 250 gr

Suggestion: It can be eaten plain or combined with the tasting of a sheep's bush with walnuts, the preparation of roasted figs, a sweet and sour game sauce or a gingerbread of yesteryear. .

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