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The honey of Alsace IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) is a quality product, recognized for its unique flavour and its regional origin. This honey is produced by a local beekeeper who works with passion to offer a high quality product.

It is produced from the wild flowers and plants that grow in the mountains, forests and meadows of the region. Bees gather these flowers to produce the honey, which is then harvested by the beekeepers. The unique combination of these plants and flowers gives the honey a unique flavour and aroma, characteristic of the Alsace region.

Alsace PGI honey is subject to strict quality criteria to obtain its Protected Geographical Indication label. The honey must be produced from hives located in Alsace, and the bees must not be fed with sugar syrup. 

The honey must also be cold extracted and stored in appropriate conditions to preserve all its taste and nutritional properties.

Honey is highly valued for its delicate flavour and creamy texture. It is used in many local dishes and drinks, such as kugelhopf, mulled wine and mint tea. Honey is also highly valued for its medicinal properties, especially for relieving sore throats and seasonal allergies.

Fir honey from France
Honey from Alsace

Fir honey from France