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Alsatian Villages decorated envelope Alsatian Villages decorated envelope
En stock

Alsatian Villages decorated envelope

Watercolour envelope Georges Ratkoff Watercolour envelope Georges Ratkoff
En stock

Watercolour envelope Georges Ratkoff

Hansi envelope with cake decoration Hansi envelope with cake decoration
En stock

Hansi envelope with cake decoration

Hansi envelope with Alsatians Hansi envelope with Alsatians
En stock

Hansi envelope with Alsatians


Alsace and Hansi decorated envelopes are envelopes that add a touch of authenticity and charm to any correspondence. 

They feature full-colour illustrations of iconic Alsatian symbols such as half-timbered houses, storks, flowers, churches, vineyards, castles and typical regional characters. 

The illustrations are drawn in a traditional style, in homage to the Alsatian artist Jean-Jacques Waltz, known as "Hansi", who popularised this representation of Alsace.

These envelopes are perfect for adding a personal and authentic touch to any correspondence. They are suitable for any occasion, whether it's to send a greeting card, an invitation, a thank you letter or an invoice.

They are also very popular with stationery collectors and Alsace enthusiasts, who appreciate the originality and aesthetics of these envelopes.