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Alsace Christmas postcards are illustrated postcards depicting Christmas traditions in the Alsace region of eastern France. They were created from the beginning of the 20th century and were very popular throughout the 20th century. 

They are characterised by their unique and original illustrations and often depict typical Christmas scenes from the region, such as half-timbered houses decorated with garlands and lights, Christmas trees, traditional Alsatian characters such as Christkindel, St. Nicholas and Hans Trapp, as well as farm animals such as reindeer.

Alsatian Christmas postcards are often colourful and vivid, using warm colours such as red, green, gold and white to evoke the Christmas spirit and often accompanied by inscriptions, such as greetings, poems and wishes in Alsatian or French. The inscriptions were usually handwritten and added a personal touch to the postcard.

Their unique illustrations and artistic quality make them a choice item for art collectors or old postcard enthusiasts.