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The Alsace region is famous for its production of high quality wines. 

To fully appreciate these wines, it is essential to have the right glasses and decanters.

We offer a selection of Alsatian wine glasses and decanters, designed to bring out the aromas and flavours of Alsatian wines.

We offer a variety of Alsatian wine glasses, designed for different types of wines such as white wines, red wines and rosé wines.

Each glass is carefully crafted using high quality materials to ensure an optimal tasting experience.

We also offer Alsatian wines decanters in glasses or in Soufflenheim pottery, designed to improve aeration and oxygenation of the wine.

Whether you are looking for a decanter for your white, red or rosé wine, our decanters will allow you to fully release the aromas and flavours of your favourite wines.

But why are the stems of Alsatian wine glasses green ?

Alsace Wine Glasses - Vineyard decor

With their long stems and green stems, Alsatian wine glasses are instantly recognisable.

Legend has it that these glasses first appeared in the 19th century. At the time, winegrowers favoured quantity over quality, resulting in wines with green tints, a sign of the grapes' lack of maturity.

To hide this "defect", winegrowers used to serve their wine in green stemmed glasses, claiming that the slightly greenish colour came from the glass and not the wine!