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The Alsatian Calendars illustrated by Hansi and Georges Ratkoff are wall calendars that highlight the culture, traditions and heritage of Alsace.

They are richly illustrated with drawings and paintings depicting scenes of everyday life in Alsace, as well as historical monuments, rural landscapes, local customs, festive events, typical characters of the region and other subjects emblematic of Alsace. 

Hansi's illustrations are distinguished by their naïve and humorous style, while those of Georges Ratkoff are more realistic and detailed.

They include the dates of the year with the public holidays and the days of traditional Alsatian festivals, such as St. Nicholas, St. Barbara, New Year's Eve, the harvest festival, Carnival, Easter, Whitsun and Christmas.

They are a real tribute to Alsatian culture, highlighting local traditions, customs and practices. They provide information on the specificities of the region, legends, tales and anecdotes, as well as on cultural events, exhibitions and artistic and folkloric events organised in Alsace.

Printed on high quality paper, with bright colours and a neat finish, they are durable and resistant, with a solid binding that allows them to be displayed on a wall throughout the year.

Lovely Elsa Calendar 2024
Alsace Calendar

Lovely Elsa Calendar 2024


Calendar Hansi's Alsace 2024
Alsace Calendar

Calendar Hansi's Alsace 2024